The history of our company

Our family business started in 1980 by establishing a poultry-farm in Üllő. After a few years we built our first slaughterhouse also in Üllő, then our shops too.

Well before joining to the EU we transformed the slaughterhouse to a processing plant which completely fulfils all requirements of EU regulations (HACCP). In the present plant we cut, pack and quick freeze poultry mainly fatted duck and goose.

Besides our small-scale processing unit, we built a slaughterhouse in the middle of the country (in Móricgát), the main breeding part of Hungary.

This slaughter house supplies our plant with fresh poultry every day. Since in both our plants all activities are handmade we are able to pay attention to quality. Our manually produced fatted products are very successful both in Hungary and on the expanding foreign market.




6132 Móricgát, Hrsz 0218/45
(GPS: Móricgát, Alsómóricgát 32.) map
Packing Plant:
2225 Üllő, Pesti út 9. map
+36 20 5 379 985 - Melkvi Szilárd (Managing Director)
+36 20 546 83 08 - Melkvi Zsuzsa
+36 20 9 608 621 - Trade centre
+36 29 320 664 - Fax