The slaughterhouse and the packing plant

Our slaughterhouse specialized for fresh-water poultry, like fatted duck and goose. The whole process of slaughtering and cleaning is done manually which ensures that the products coming from our slaughterhouse is undamaged. The slaughtered and chilled products are transported to our processing plant for further processing.

Packaging is performed in an up-to-date hall consisting of several premises, which matches to the strictest hygienic and food-safety requirements and with its wrapping machines we can satisfy our customer’s needs at a high level.




6132 Móricgát, Hrsz 0218/45
(GPS: Móricgát, Alsómóricgát 32.) map
Packing Plant:
2225 Üllő, Pesti út 9. map
+36 20 5 379 985 - Melkvi Szilárd (Managing Director)
+36 20 546 83 08 - Melkvi Zsuzsa
+36 20 9 608 621 - Trade centre
+36 29 320 664 - Fax