According to the high quality standards, more that 30 years successful operation made it possible to maintain the loyalty of our partners both in the field of trading and catering.

Our products can be found at the cooling counters of several marketplaces and market-halls, as well as on the shelves of shopping-center chains.

Catering units also purchase our good-quality products either fresh or deep-frozen.
In the recent years we succeed to present our products on the markets of some EU member countries (France, Belgium, UK, Austria, Italy and indirectly to Japan) with weekly regularity.

Our company asks continuous feedback from the partners about the quality to ensure their satisfaction.




6132 Móricgát, Hrsz 0218/45
(GPS: Móricgát, Alsómóricgát 32.) map
Packing Plant:
2225 Üllő, Pesti út 9. map
+36 20 5 379 985 - Melkvi Szilárd (Managing Director)
+36 20 546 83 08 - Melkvi Zsuzsa
+36 20 9 608 621 - Trade centre
+36 29 320 664 - Fax